What is the best source to find real estate in Thailand?

When you are looking to be moving abroad and specifically move to Thailand then you have a lot of work that you need to complete before you can actually move over to the country. When you are done with the preparations of the move then you can finally start looking at houses or Koh Samui villa rental apartments.

The first thing that you will give in to your favorite search engine is probably thailand real estate. This will give you a lot of information on real estate sites. Why not try and search via century 21 real estate thailand?

They have the best of the best houses for rent or for sale in Thailand.

Where you are looking for homes for sale thailand or for rent you will have the best choice available.

Thailand real estate laws are about the same as the European laws. This is because they copied those laws and put them in to effect immediately. They did this for a number of reasons. The laws in the EU are very strict laws when it comes to buildings and building materials that are allowed to be used. However there is a catch, and it is a big one. Foreigners cannot under any circumstances own land in Thailand. But there is a loophole, this loophole does require the person to make an 40 million bath investment in the country of Koh Samui chaweng beach villas Thailand. This will still not give the foreigner the ownership of the property. If you have a Thai spouse does not make a lot of difference, the title to the house and the deed to the land will be in His or Her name only.  Your name as the foreign spouse or partner will not be on the title or deed. In case of a divorce you will never be able to get the house or the land that the house is build on. It will automatically go to the Thai national.

When you want to rent a house or apartment in Thailand then you have no problem at all. Do choose however where you want to go and rent. Several places in Thailand are not safe to live for the own population let alone for a foreigners. When searching the internet for real estate for rent is to just give thailand real estate for rent. This will give you all the properties that are available for short term or for the long term what ever you prefer.

The thailand real estate market in laws and restriction are different to ours villas for sale in samui near the beach. In some cases it is worse then in the western world. Protecting their own economy with limiting the real estate to only be owned by their own people, does limit the investments in the country as well. So be aware when you are wanting to look for real estate that you will be running in to difficulty owning your own property. Hiring a thai lawyer will might help you in finding out if there is any way possible to own the land and the house that you are looking at to buy.